Organization Tips

* Set small goals, so you’ll feel less stressed to get things done all at once.  Avoid going from room to room instead plan different days to clean each room.

* Start with an area of your home that needs the least attention, and leave the most important room until last.   This will help you finish the project.  Stay focused in one area until you are done.

* Clear your closet clutter by donating clothes that you seldom wear or no longer fit.  At the end of a season, transfer clothes into clear plastic containers for storage

* When removing clutter, be scrupulous of the items and their purpose when deciding what to keep.


* Group like items together in your fridge.  Discard any expired foods or condiments.  Store hardy items such as salad dressings and condiments on the door as this is the warmest area of the refrigerator.

* Avoid keeping eggs, butter and milk on the door, as the fluctuating temperatures can cause them to go bad faster.

* Store poultry, fish, and raw meats in the meat drawer, and dairy products and meal leftovers on the bottom shelf as these are colder areas.  Vegetables are best stored in the crisper drawers since the humidity level is higher to help wilting.

* For your refrigerator/freezer unit, designate one shelf for each type of frozen food.  Use thick, labeled freezer bags or wraps to ensure everything stays in top condition.

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