Backyard Living

Bring the elegance of the indoors to the wonders of the outdoors with these simple decorating ideas.  Look at your exterior space and design it with the same principles with which you approach interior rooms. Try treating the natural environment as your own décor inspiration—it can help dictate color, texture and scale.

201207-orig-backyard-neutral-284x426  201207-orig-backyard-screened-284x426Back to Basics

Select neutral colors and natural fibers. They consistently feel clean and will help create a peaceful environment.

Seamless Transitions

Connect indoor and outdoor spaces by using the same color scheme in both.

Breaking Barriers

Erase the barrier between indoors and out. Furnish your deck, porch, or patio as if it were your living room. Then you can’t help but enjoy the good weather.

Try lining your garden with rope lighting and adding window mirrors to the fence to make your garden look larger

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With outdoor space, more is better. There is no good reason to want less space to work with. Yet some people are overwhelmed by the size of a yard or patio and simply choose a corner to stick a grill and a bench, end of story. A better way to approach open space is to create zones, just like you would with social spaces indoors.

Think first about what outdoor-only features you definitely want, such as a fire pit, a sheltered area, a walkway or patio, a fountain, a pool or a spot for lawn games like horseshoes. Essentially, anything that you’ve already placed in your outdoor space can be a center that you position seating and décor vignettes around. After those focal centers are determined, go about decorating and positioning as you would indoors. Don’t be afraid to combine several seating and table vignettes into a larger social cluster.
DHMY105_backyard-fire-pit-seating-area-orange_s4x3_lg chic-backyard-shed-office-0211-l chic-backyard-outdoor-living-area-0211-l







These shady book nooks require just a hula-hoop and a curtain.


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