A Few Tips to Get You Organized

Piles Away


Being organized doesn’t mean everything is in its place; it means everything has a place.  If you can get your house ready for a surprise guest in 30 minutes, then you are organized. 



  • To begin, unlock all the reasons that are preventing you from de-cluttering. What do you keep, how do you keep it and why do you keep it?
  • Set some goals – what would you like to be different?
  • Make a plan. The best way is to set small, attainable goals. Focus on one room at a time. Set aside 15 minutes a day dedicated to getting rid of stuff.

DSC00189    cleaningclosets-bins
# 1 TIP 
Sort everything into 5 piles 1 move to another room 2 donate 3 give to specific person 4 throw away 5 marinate– pack your items and label the box with a date 6 months to a year later.  If you never open the box before that date, discard those items.



table mess2 white-house-mess-table#2 TIP Watch out for flat surfaces.  If your dining table is becoming a “catch all” clear it off and put a flower arrangement in the middle and set it with place settings.  This will help break the habit of parking stuff there.



#3 TIP Anything that needs to go somewhere should be in your car, not in your house.  Keep your coupons there in a clear folder so you have them when you need them.  Get an errand basket to hold items that need to be returned, or kept in the car to hold items in transit or need to stay in the car for continued usage ie sports items etc


img_3523Free-shipping-the-sweet-font-b-plastic-b-font-font-b-storage-b-font-box-font#4 TIP   Name a pest and it probably loves cardboard; especially cockroaches.  If you must store stuff in boxes consider plastic.




1070360-image#5 TIP  If you have a storage unit that is storing stuff long term, consider getting rid of it.  You could most likely buy all the stuff that’s in there for the price of the annual rental fee.




donate-clothes#6 TIP  Stop yourself if you start thinking you need to add more storage space for your stuff.   That’s just backward.  Your goal should be to remove the clutter, not create more storage space.



# 7 TIP Avoid lids on laundry baskets, bins, and other containers.  They just make it harder to put things away by providing a convenient  landing place for clothing and stuff.



How-to-Organize-Your-Kitchen-Strategically #8 TIP Have things that you use most often in the kitchen handy and easy to reach locations. The items you rarely use can be stored out of reach at the back of the top cupboard. Don’t let stuff you rarely use take up good cupboard space





mail and paper clutter#9 TIP Paper piles tend to grow. Don’t bring paper in the house that you will not read. Once you bring paper inside the house, give it a home immediately. File your photographs, your recipes, children’s school papers, forms. Establish categories for anything that you use on a regular basis. Have a separate “to do” basket for anything that requires your immediate attention.

… I’m sure you have a lot of ideas and tips you could add to this list; Please feel free to share them.

ideas compiled from articles read in Readers Digest 
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