Beat the Cold this Winter

We are having record breaking cold temperatures across the country; stay safe and warm.

permanent-furnace-filter-mdINDOORS: You should make sure all of your air filters are replaced or clean. Furnaces and other heating devices should be well maintained. Make sure you keep plenty of spare blankets on hand.  Have a plan if the power goes out or your primary heating device fails.

Properly insulated buildings can make a huge difference and save you money. Keep some extra food and household supplies such as batteries around as it is possible to be stuck at home for a few days in bad winter weather conditions. You may even want to keep some games or cards around as it can get quite boring if you have no electricity.

bundle-upOUTDOORS: Try to wear many layers of clothing with a heavy jacket. Stay out of the wind and avoid getting wet. In cold weather a good pair of boots and thermal socks can keep your feet toasty on cold winter days.

Any kind of hat can help you conserve body heat. Remember any exposed skin is where you are going to be losing the most body heat. Eye protection can be helpful as well. Don’t be afraid to get some good goggles such as those for snowboarding.  A good pair of gloves makes all of the difference.

Before going outside for any duration make sure you eat a nice meal. Your bodies energy requirements can go up when trying to stay warm.

1SN 500When driving use extreme caution in icy and snowy conditions. If at all possible just stay home. Many drivers get in bad situations during the winter, because many people don’t know how to slow down or give enough room for braking in slippery conditions. If you must drive watch out for black ice and don’t be afraid to drive slow. There are other tools such as tire studs and chains for some vehicles such as trucks that can significantly improve traction in slippery conditions.

Lastly if you still cannot beat the cold weather, go inside. There is nothing wrong with going inside and warming up. You do not want to get hypothermia or frostbite.



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